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What is Miss Minna offering?

Miss Minna offers exclusive and erotic dates with gentlemen and pairs.

I offer ordinary sex. I enjoy titilating you. See and hear you enjoy my caresses with my tongue, hands and nails.
It is very important for me that we both get something good out of our time together. Only this way we can enjoy GOOD AND JUICY SEX!
I love to make it good for you. To hear you moan as I lick you. Good sex is mutual sex so I expect that you'll make it real good for me too.

I am available for escort but only evenings and weekends.
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I lick you dick so good that you hear the angels sing............ and that's no lie.
You don't find many girls to lick your dick as good as Miss Minna.
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Wouldn't you like to feel my lips around your dick? On your balls?

I lick without the condom unless you insist wearing it. You can come in my mouth if you like.

This is the only thing I do without a condom. The rest is with.

Would you like to lick my shaved pussy and fuck me in all my tight holes? I love being licked and feel your hard dick.

I like to kiss if you taste well. Nothing is better than a sexy wet kiss. But in the end it's about good chemistry.

I don't have so many limits: I like EVERYTHING naughty. Anal. Oral. Girlsex and multiple men. Pairs too. I give urine but I don't receive it.

I also have a strap-on dildo, if you like to be taken in your behind. I also have a giant big and thick black dildo, if you like it big and bad :-)
Of course I also have smaller ones. You don't get such a naughty, good looking, horny and elegant adult woman as Miss Minna.

Squirting orgasm: I love it when someone knows the right technique. Then I'll spray a lot and several times. Giving spray orgasms requires a special technique. Like to try it?
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You can see on You Tube how to perform it.

I'd love to join you to a restaurant before we have sex. I know quite a few good restaurants in Copenhagen.
I come elegantly dressed on the outside and you don't know what I'm wearing inside my dress until you "unwrap me".

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You can contact me also via e-mail:

Have the best to lick your best friend. Why settle for less?

Escort Copenhagen

I garantee that you leave me smiling ;-)