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Have the best to lick your best friend.
Why settle for less?

I garantee that you leave me smiling ;-)

How to contact Miss Minna

You can contact me via
E-mail: sexy@missminna.dk
Tel: +45 27 51 87 51

If I don't pick up the phone try again or you can text me and I'll call you back.

Weekends and evenings the telephone is often closed. So if you wish to spend time with me evenings or weekends you have to make appointment in advance. You can always send me an e-mail. I check my e-mail very often.

E-mails are always read in the morning - except for weekends, where I check it more randomly.


PS. In the meantime I've become 53 years old but I still keep my body firm and slim.
Please check Gallery for newest pictures.